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What Our Patients Say . . .

"Dr. Chartier and her team are very warm and caring individual.  I credit them for not only giving me my smile back that I have missed for years but also my confidence and self-esteem."

G. Stroud, May 8, 2013

"I wanted to take a moment to thank Dr. Chartier for all that you have done for me.  I will be moving to another state to be with my family and I hate to leave your care.  I just wanted you to know that whichever dentist I see next will have a tough job trying to impress me because I can't imagine anyone being as talented as the two of you.  Thanks."

 A. Dykes

"Without the help and encouragement of Dr. Chartier and her wonderful staff, I may not have been able to go through with the needed proceduews to repair and restore the health of my teeth.  Over the years I have witnessed the high standards andexcellence in her practice.  I have also seen the same high level of professionalism protrayed in each of her staff over the years.  Th high level o ftrust I have in Dr. Chartier and her staff enabled me to move on with needed procedures for my health and well being.  I now feel like smiling agian, I only wish I had done it sooner!"       G. Carter

"I love my new teeth!!! I look 30 years younger! "


"Great experience with wonderful results. Thank you Dr. Chartier!"

G. Matthews

"I’ve only seen three dentists in my life. Dr. Chartier is definitely the best. Smiling faces and the relaxed atmosphere always make my appointments very pleasant. I would easily recommend this dentistry and staff to anyone seeking excellent dental care."

Bill M.

"As a specialist, I work with many dentists in the Atlanta and greater Atlanta area. I can honestly say that Dr. Michele Chartier is one of the best dentists that I have the privilege to work with. Her dentistry is outstanding and I find her to be very caring when it comes to her patients. When we work together, she makes it easy and delightful due to her fabulous skills! She truly appreciates that good dentistry is an art and a science!"

Dr. Bruce Edelstein, Periodontist

"Georgia Dental Laboratory has provided lab services for Dr. Michele Chartier since 1999. A highly productive lab/practice relationship has developed over the subsequent years. This valued relationship allows our premier lab to be an integral part of Dr. Chartier's outstanding patient care. We at Georgia Dental acknowledge the professional, skilled, compassionate level of dental care offered by Dr. Chartier and her staff. It is our pleasure to recommend her as the outstanding dental practitioner we have found her to be"

Gary Killgo, Georgia Dental Laboratory

"When I needed extensive dental reconstruction, I went to several offices before choosing Dr. Chartier. From the moment I walked in, I was put at ease by the friendly staff and calming surroundings. Dr. Chartier and everyone on her team are caring, attentive and have an unerring attention to detail. The confidence I regained from the reconstruction done by Dr. Chartier is more than dental work; she gave me my smile back. Love you guys! See you soon!"

Melanie R.

"I was skeptical at first if I should invest the money in my teeth, but it’s the best thing I ever did. I love the way I look when I smile."

Dr. H

"Dr. Chartier and the staff continue to provide me and my family with superb dental care. My crown looks so real that I no longer remember which tooth it is on!"

Matt S.

"Dr. Chartier and Staff-
Thanks for your care and attention. I am enjoying eating and smiling! My dental needs were complex and your attention to detail and your whole person approach made all the difference!
With Gratitude"

 B. K.

"A spa like experience…. What an incredible doctor and staff! From the moment you walk in the door you are pampered and treated with the highest level of care available. Dr. Chartier is a true artist and her work is simply wonderful. If you are looking for a new dental home with an exceptional doctor and staff, look no further!"

Dr. Jeffrey Waters, Endodontist

"I am so happy that I decided to have this procedure done and am thrilled with the results.  Dr. Chartier and her team did an excellent job!"

Claudia B.

"I absolutely love love love my new smile! I was so excited to discover a safer and cheaper alternative to surgery to fix a "gummy smile." Dr. Chartier explained to me that this was a very safe, quick and easy process; plus I only have to come in 3 times a year! I am so happy I decided to trust in her because now my confidence in my smile is through the roof. I recommend this to anyone who wants a less "gummy" smile yet does not want to go under the knife. Thank you Dr. Chartier, you are the best!"

Brittany  R.



Thanks for emailing over my records to the new dentists in Chicago.  I met with him this morning for an initial exam and all went well.  He mentioned that my teeth were in great shape and that whoever had previously done my crowns did an excellent job.  He was very complimentary toward Dr. Chartier’s work. 

It has been a great pleasure being a patient at your office over the past couple of years.   I will definitely miss the friendly staff and the professional services I always received.  If I am ever back in the Atlanta area I will without a doubt be back.  

Please pass this information along to Dr. Chartier and let her know that I truly appreciate the excellent care she has provided over these past few years. 

Many Thanks,"

Angie Gray

"Dr. Chartier,
I apologize for taking so long responding to your email.  I can't believe that we have been in Virginia 6 months already!  The first 5 months were horrendous:  my asthma became so much worse ...not sure the reason but suspect that being surrounded my mountains and different trees were the culprits..., our dog Molly was diagnosed with cancer and had surgery and 6 rounds of chemo, my husband became ill, and my 94 year old father had a heart attack. Correspondence was put off to everyone at the time.   Finally we can see the light,  and we are all recovered.
I am happy to share my thoughts on your office.  First, the quality of care from you and your staff were exceptional.  I always had complete confidence and trust in your assessment of my dental needs, and I believed that I was getting superior dental work.  Second, your staff was so friendly and helpful when I had to change appointments or had to see you on the spur of the  moment.  Third, your office was so cheerful and clean.  You know that I loved coming there because I would be so relaxed that I would doze off! (Have you gotten the massage chair yet?!)
I really miss you all.  I finally found a dentist here that I like, after going to one who took only about 30 minutes to clean my teeth and charged me $235 for the visit....no charting/checking my gums with that little pin, etc. By the way, the first dentist said that my left front crown (the one that came out in the car accident) was the best that he had ever seen.  He said that whoever made it did a great job.
Have a good Labor Day and please say hello to everyone!
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